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Based in North Taranaki, founder Mathew Lowry.

We stick to our morals. It is important to us that we create good honest relationships and do good work. Because you matter to us.

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02. Create Relationships

03. Do good work

Created by farmers for farmers. Agri Solar Ltd is farmer owned and operated

Back in 2017 I went out one early morning on my 500ha sheep and beef farm in North Taranaki to fuel my water pump, I went to start  it and nothing happened, it had broken down again! I had only just had it serviced and I was hoping for a stress free summer but that was not to be, so I went home and thought to myself over a cold beer that there must be a better way to pump water around my farm at a low cost, I knew other farmers with the same problem but there was not much out there about other options or less you wanted to spend lots of dollars. I started looking into solar water pumps and thought they looked pretty good but the Price for a setup in NZ was to expensive!

I started looking and researching into Solar water pumps, and found some that I liked the look of so I took the leap and bought one and gathered all the bits id need to get one going, and wow over one year later its going great with no servicing or any other money spent. For the price id set it up for I payed it off in one year! It's hard to beat that I thought so ill installed some for family members to test them out just to make sure they were up to the task and they sure have been.
I'm a Farmer like you so the last thing I want is water pumps breaking down or casting to much money.

So I have put a 2 Year Warranty on for your peace of mind! Can be installed even in the remotest areas and all you need is a good water sauce. That pretty much sums up how Agri Solar was born!

Got a question about our pricing model? Contact us now and we can help you find a pump package suited for your farm