Fence Energiser Price Comparison Table

Below we’ve put together a fence energiser brand comparison. The price comparison, purposely, does not include special features as they have different values for different people.

The quality and performance of the Agri Solar energisers are at least as good as those of the competition units, but with a more competitive price.

The selling prices for the competition products were those displayed on the Farm Source website on September 15, 2022

Note: All prices include GST. Our + models are our Wifi compatible energisers.

Energiser BrandOutput JoulesComparative Strength %Regular Price (Checked Dec 2022)
Agri Solar MB150 ↗1.5100$298
Gallagher MBS1000.9765$434.99
Gallagher MBS2001.5100$556.99
Stafix X1167$389.99
Agri Solar MB300 ↗2.5100$401
Gallagher MBS4003.0120$672.99
Stafix X2280$479.99
Agri Solar MB450 ↗4.5100$516
Gallagher MBS8006133$942.99
Stafix X3367$585.99
Agri Solar MB800+ ↗8100$799
Gallagher MB1000i7.796$1,179.99
Stafix X6i675$882.99
Agri Solar MB1200+ ↗12100$937
Gallagher MB1800i12.4103$1,399.99
Stafix X12i12100$1,134.99
Agri Solar MB1600+ ↗16100$1,093
Gallagher MB2800I15.597$1,840.99
Stafix X18i18113$1,499.99
Agri Solar JMB32 ↗46100$1,668
Speedrite Mains Energizer 46000W46 $2,269.00


Standard Mains / Battery Powerered Units

  • Agri Solar MB3200+ - Fence energiser

    MB3200+ Fence Energiser

    $1668 gst inc.
    View Product
  • Agri Solar MB1600+ Fence Energiser

    MB1600+ Fence Energiser

    $1093 gst inc.
    View Product
  • Agri Solar MB1200+ Fence Energiser

    MB1200+ Fence Energiser

    $937 gst inc.
    View Product
  • Agri Solar MB800+ Fence Energiser

    MB800+ Fence Energiser

    $799 gst inc.
    View Product
  • Agri Solar MB450 Fence Energiser

    MB450 Fence Energiser

    $516 gst inc.
    View Product
  • Agri Solar MB300 Fence Energiser

    MB300 Fence Energiser

    $401 gst inc.
    View Product
  • Agri Solar MB150 Fence Energiser

    MB150 Fence Energiser

    $298 gst inc.
    View Product
  • MB10 Electric Fence Energiser

    MB10 Electric Fence Energiser

    $217 gst inc.
    View Product


Free shipping nationwide when you spend over $300 online.


Our energisers are guaranteed for 3 years, and our pumps 2 years.


We operate with a customer first approach. Service repairs available.

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