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Common Electric Fencing Questions


Solar Energisers
RED SNAP’R LIS5 is now S10
RED SNAP’R LIS15 is now S50
RED SNAP’R LIS30 is now S80
Mains/Battery Energisers
RED SNAP’R LIMB20 is now MB150
RED SNAP’R LIMB30 is now MB300    
RED SNAP’R LIMB50 is now MB450
RED SNAP’R PET100 is now MB10
Larger Distance & Wifi Energisers
RED SNAP’R LIMB80 is now MB800+
RED SNAP’R LIMB120 is now MB1200+
RED SNAP’R LIMB160 is now MB1600+
JMB32 is now MB3200+

An electric fence has a pretty simple principle. If you think of a broken circle, when you close the circle, then you get “snapped”. 

To hot wire your fence, you’d need an insulated fence and an electric fence energiser. The energizer converts the power into a high voltage pulse which then gets released to an insulated fence for about once every second. If an animal makes contact with the fence, the circuit is complete and the animal receives a shock. 

In other words you attach the positive terminal of your energizer (+) with an insulated lead to the fence you want hot. Then attach the negative terminal (-) which is on the other side of the broken circle to the earth. The earth may consist of one, two, three or more galvanised pipes or rods that are approx. 2m long, at least 3 metres apart and have been hammered into the ground in a straight line. The best earthing is achieved in a permanently damp area, the “wetter the better”.

An electric fence is one of the best tools for farm management. There are 7 good reasons why we say this! It’s low in cost, easy to build and extends the life of your fence. It also has a universal application which means that it works for all types of animals. It provides flexibility and a simple solution for controlled grazing as well as being low maintenance. The risk to your stock is also lower than with conventional fencing. For more details the benefits of electrical fences vs conventional fencing can be found in this blog discussing general considerations for your electric fencing.

For an electric fence, you’d need a few things for a good setup. The main things are:

Wanna know the detailed ins and outs? Check it out in our small block farming blog

The costs of an electric fence depend on your farm location, personal preference, access to power and the length of the fence you’d like to have. 

You’d need to invest in insulators, wire, energisers and an earth stake. You can check out the pricing for our products in the shop. In the product descriptions you can get a better idea of the reach of our energisers to see which one will be suitable for you. We’d also happily give you advice. Just give us a call on 07 870 1080.

Designing your electric fence depends on quite a few elements. Thinking of local conditions of the soil, the amount of rainfall and the vegetation. Not all electric fence designs work in all conditions.

Therefore it’s important to do some research, get help from an electrician if needed and have a browse through our blogs and articles and this FAQ to get you up with the basics.

Electric fences can put out a high voltage (around 8,000 volts), but very low amperage or current (which is about 120 milliamps). This is 120-thousands of an amp. It should not even kill a mouse!

We have an article that explains 5 steps on how your electric fence should be set up. You can find it here.

It depends entirely on the size of the area you want to fence. Check how many km’s the energiser will do. On the Red Snap’r products, it will tell you the range e.g 80km range. 1km per 10 joules.

Earthing is the most common electric fence failure. Make sure the earthing is set up correctly. Also, there is a rare chance that lightning can hit your electric fence. A Lightning diverter is available from the shop to help reduce this from happening.

When it’s fully charged, the solar powered fence energizers store enough battery life to last up to two weeks without any sunlight exposure.

Depending on what you have, if it’s a battery powered energiser, the batteries should last 2-3 years. If it is a solar-powered energiser, the solar automatically charges the fence energiser.

Download through Google Play or Apple Store combine the latest wifi technology to provide you with the ultimate farm control. For all MB+ energiser models.

Water Pumps

Yes, we install the solar water pumps at your location. Simply request a quote for one of our water pumps, then we can find out where you are located and your full requirements, we will then put together a full quote for you.


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The warranty also excludes lightening strike and other natural causes such as flood damage.

The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser. Batteries are not covered by the warranty.

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The XM surface pumps and Grundfos submersible pumps have a two-year parts warranty.


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