LD2 Lightning Diverter

  • Contains 3-Stage lightning protection elements
  • Handles lightning surge currents to 3,000 Amps
  • Contains a filter to reduce spark-induced radio frequency noise
  • Easy to connect
  • Does not require bulky external coils

Original price was: $85.Current price is: $68. gst inc.

If you have frequent lightning storms in your area, then one of these guys will go a long way to protecting your energiser unit.

This Electric Fence Lightning Diverter and RFI Filter can protect your energiser from damaging lightning surges. The lightning arrestor aids in reducing the electrical interference that can cause a ticking noise on telephones and inhibit the use of the Internet.

Energisers are frequently damaged by lightning, either by a surge coming in via the mains power outlet or the fence. Energiser damage via the fence can be prevented with this “Little Black Box” that, for less than $ 100 can save you much expense and inconvenience. The Lightening Diverter is small, robust and weather-proof. It can easily be attached to a post or a wall at the end of the energiser lead-out wire or the beginning of the fence.


Max Energy
The maximum output energy of attached energiser  – 25 Joules

Height: 70 mm
Width: 105 mm
Depth: 45 mm

Product: 600 g
Packed: 1,000 g

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